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Motorcycle Suspension Course – 13/14th November 2023

Un corso sospensioni dedicato ai centri Andreani studiato per fornire le nozioni tecniche necessarie per regolare le sospensioni della moto da Strada e Off-Road.

Our suspension course dedicated to Andreani centers is designed to provide the necessary technical knowledge to centers or those who wish to embark on this activity, in order to work on suspensions for all types of motorcycles, from road to track, to off-road.

It explains in detail how forks and shock absorbers work, how to perform their proper maintenance, and how to achieve the correct adjustments, analyzing the various characteristics of suspensions and the equipment to work with them effectively.

The course lasts for two days, the entire day, starting at 9:00 AM and ending at 6:00 PM, and covers the following topics:

  • Key parameters of motorcycle geometry (on-road and off-road);
  • In-depth analysis of reed valve operation;
  • In-depth study of components incorporating hydraulic and elastic forces;
  • Suspension tuning and spatial parts;
  • Updates on market innovations.

The participation fee includes lunch.

In case of purchase of at least the starting kit to become Andreani Service Center (Vacuum Pump + Universal Toolbox) the cost of the course will be discounted from the puchase.


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